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Welcome to Pinnacle Home Inspection Services LLC.

Providing solutions to your Home Inspection needs.

We use the best Home Inspection software available, Palm-Tech, to produce a Professional

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Who we are

Hello, my name is Pete O'Brien, I

am a Veteran of the United States

Navy and have twenty three years

service as a Firefighter/EMT and

Fire Inspector for a large

municipality in south western

Ohio. During my time in the Fire

Service I conducted numerous fire

inspections on properties

throughout the city and have

parlayed that experience into a

Home Inspection Buisness

becoming an Associate Member

of the American Society Of Home

Inspectors ( ASHI ) and received

Certified Professional Inspector

Certification ( CPI ) through

InterNACHI ( The International

Society Of Home Inspectors ).

While my focus is Whole House

Inspection, I work in conjunction

with other inspectors who

specialize in mold, radon, and

termite inspection.

What we do

At Pinnacle Home Inspection

Services LLC we take pride in

providing an honest and thorough

evaluation of your home for you

and your family's peace of mind.

Whether you are buying or selling

a property, a Whole House

Inspection is a necessity. We use

the ASHI (American Society Of Home Inspectors ) and

InterNACHI ( International

Association of Certified Home

Inspectors ) Standards of Practice

to ensure that you are getting the

very best inspection available.

We do a visual inspection noting

any obvious defects beginning on

the exterior with the roof, if it can

be safely and reasonably accessed, including, the roofing

material/shingles, chimney,

electrical mast, ventilation and

plumbing vents. We then observe

the grounds for harmful negative

slope which could lead to moisture

damage to the structure , also

vegetation such as trees or shrubs

that may impinge upon the home.

We do a visual examination for

defects in the siding, soffits, gutters

and down spout. Outdoor

electrical receptacles and lighting

are noted for operation. A visual

inspection of the gas and electrical

meters are conducted noting

obvious defects and signs of wear

and tear. The electrical entrance

into the structure is observed for

safety issues and water


We then proceed to the interior

where we first inspect the

electrical panel and locate the

water shutoff. We then start on the

top floor and inspect the attic and

all accessible rooms and their

related components such as

windows, outlets, switches, etc.

and gradually work our way

down through the structure to the

basement. The interior inspection

also includes the attic, HVAC,
electrical, plumbing, insulation,

fireplace, bathrooms, kitchen and

visible structural defects.

What we've done

Mr. O'Brien completed

twentythree years as a

Firefighter/Fire Inspector in Ohio.

He has received two certificates

for Home Inspection and

Advanced Home Inspection

through Hondros College, and

trained with certified ASHI

( American Society of Home

Inspectors) inspectors and

completed more than two dozen

supervised Home Inspections. Mr.

O'Brien has been accepted as an

Associate Member of ASHI, and

has received his Certification

through InterNACHI, The

International Association of

Certified Home Inspectors. He has

gained the knowledge and skills

necessary to provide a thorough

property inspection for your peace

of mind when buying or selling a


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